Tips to eliminate bad animal odours in your home

Animal companions tend to bring love and happiness into a home, but unfortunately they can also leave behind bad odours. We often meet customers that are looking for a product to eliminate the animal odours in their home, so we always recommend using our product D-500. This product not only washes the floors, but also has a neutralizing agent that removes animal odours specifically. Did you know that you can also vaporize this product through a filter in your ventilation system to remove bad smelling odours in the ambient air of your household? If you don’t have a ventilation system, you can also vaporize D-500 by placing the product on a clean cloth and then hanging it from a fan. By leaving the cloth on a fan for about an hour in a room, you will eliminate the bad odours and leave your home smelling refreshing and clean for the next couple of hours.


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