Tips against pet odour on your bedding

pet odour, bedding

Even though you clean your bedding or clothing regularly, a persistent animal odour lingers.

The D-500 product can be used to clean floors or eliminate odours in the ambient air, but did you know that you can also use it in your washing machine to remove pet odours from fabrics (blankets, clothing, etc.)? Indeed, many of our customers had difficulty in completely eliminating pet odours from their blankets or clothing with their regular detergent. By adding D-500 to their cleaning cycle, they managed to eliminate the persistent pet odour. If you too are facing this problem, simply add 60 ml (2 oz) of D-500 to your regular detergent, place the bedding or clothes in the washer, and turn on the machine. The D-500 cleaner contains an effective pet odour neutralizer. This product will not damage the fabrics, and will remove the bad odours, even those embedded for a long time.



Floor Cleaner and Pet Odour Neutralizer