Tips against tobacco smell on an animal

Tip of the week : your pet's fur has absorbed smoke or tobacco odours, and the smell persists even after shampooing

Did you know that the Magic Odour and Magic Shampoo products can permanently eliminate this odour?

We have received several requests from our customers on how to eliminate the smell of smoke after a fire, or the smell of cigarette smoke on a cat or dog’s coat. As animal hair tends to absorb odours, it is possible, even after washing the animal, that its coat still releases a smoke odour. To neutralize this smell effectively, we recommend using the Magic Odour and Magic Shampoo products. Originally formulated to neutralize skunk odours, they are also effective in eliminating tobacco or smoke smells. If the odour is faint, just spray Magic Odour all over your pet’s fur (avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth), and rub-in the product thoroughly. No rinsing is required, and you can just let the product work its magic. If the smoke odour is stronger, we advise washing your pet with Magic Shampoo, after spraying Magic Odour. Take care to rub-in the product completely and to apply it all over the animal’s coat (avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth). After applying the shampoo, rinse your pet with fresh water, and dry it with a towel or hair dryer. The smell of smoke or cigarette smoke will have completely disappeared.