Tips against perspiration odour in ski boots

odour ski boot

To instantly eliminate the smell in your boots or on your gear (coat, gloves, etc.), Sports Odour is the product to use.

When perspiration odours emanate from ski boots or equipment, it’s not always easy to eliminate, since these items cannot be machine washed. To neutralize this bad smell quickly and without damaging your equipment, we recommend using Sports Odour. This product is formulated to remove perspiration odours at the source, and not just to mask them for a limited period of time. Sports Odour is very simple to use, just spray directly inside the ski boots (taking care that the product reaches the bottom and inside tip of the boots), gloves or coat, and let the product work. It can be used safely on dry or wet equipment. Sports Odour can also be sprayed directly into a sports bag that gives off a perspiration odour.


Sports Odour

Sports Equipment Odour Neutralizer