Tips against cigarette odours on clothing

cigarette odour

After spending an entire evening in the home of a relative who smokes, it may be that your clothes will still release a cigarette odour, even after returning to your home.

To quickly remove this nicotine smell (even on the most difficult-to-wash garments, such as jackets), we recommend using our SmokEraser product. Designed specifically to remove the smell of smoke at the source, this odour neutralizer instantly eliminates cigarette odours from fabrics, without damaging them. Simply spray SmokEraser all over the garments, and let the product work.

*You can find the SmokEraser product at many pet product retailers under the brand SAM (this product also eliminates dog odours on fabric). To find the dealer nearest you, please visit our website at the following address:



Cigarette and Cigar Odour Neutralizer