Tips against bad odours on pet’s cushion

bad odours pet cushion

Magic Odour is used to neutralize the smell of wet hair on an animal, but did you know you can also spray it on your pet’s bed to eliminate the bad odours?

Because your dog is spending a lot of time in his basket or on his cushion, these will absorb your pet’s odours, which then quickly become difficult to remove. If you are already using Magic Odour to remove bad smells on your dog’s fur, we also recommend spraying it on its favorite resting place to neutralize any noticeable odours. Simply spray Magic Odour all over the cushion or basket, and let the product work. If the cushion is very thick, do not hesitate to press into the cushion with your hands to help the product reach all the way through. Magic Odour neutralizes odours, even those present for a long time. Moreover, this product is safe for pets and will not stain the fabric. It is the ideal product to keep on hand when you have a dog, as it eliminates odours instantly when sprayed on its coat or sleeping area.


Magic Odour

Fur and Animal Coat Odour Neutralizer

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