Skunk Odours Inside the House

The skunk smell in the house

Did a skunk spray the outside of your home and the smell seeped inside? Did your dog get sprayed by a skunk and while you went to clean it, you ended up carrying the bad smell inside? You should know that it is definitely possible to neutralize this smell! Based on over 30 years of expertise, SOS Odeurs offers you a unique approach and solution against stubborn skunk odours in the home.

How to eliminate skunk odours in the home?

Skunk odour can be a particularly persistent problem, especially because it can be lodged in your home in many ways. Find out how you can eliminate stubborn skunk smells in your home, no matter what surface it is on.

You can follow the steps below or even watch our video.

Neutralize the smell on clothing

If your pet has been sprayed by a skunk and enters your home, your clothes will be among the first things to catch the unpleasant smell. Many customers have told us that the clothes they wore when cleaning up after their pets, still carry the awful skunk smell into their home even after they have been cleaned repeatedly. To get rid of this bad smell quickly, we recommend the use of URI-CLEAN. This product is an odour neutralizer that is very effective against skunk smells on fabrics.

To eliminate the skunk smell on clothes:

  • Spray Uri-Clean on clothes.
  • Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Then clean the clothes with your conventional detergent.
  • Enjoy the fresh air now that there is no more skunk smell in your house!

Removing the smell from curtains, carpets and sofas

When your pet entered your home, it may have shaken its coat next to your drapes, rubbed against your carpet or climbed onto your sofa thus spreading the skunk smell into your home. If this is the case, the skunk smell will be impregnated on these different fabrics. As with clothing, we advise you to spray the Uri-Clean product on these different surfaces and leave it to rest and take effect. You can then machine wash them if their label specifies it is possible to without damaging the fabric. As Uri-Clean is made with alcohol and not water, there is no risk of it staining the fabrics and will dry very quickly.

To eliminate the skunk smell on curtains, carpets and sofas:

  • Spray URI-CLEAN on a clean cloth, rather than spraying it directly onto the affected surface.
  • Scrub on the area that has the most potent skunk odour within your home.
  • Wipe the excess product away with a dry cloth
  • Enjoy the fresh air now that there is no more stubborn skunk smell in your house!

*For imitation leather sofas, we advise that you test a small amount of product on an inconspicuous area before doing the treatment to make sure there is no discoloration.

Removing odour from floors

If your pet has rubbed its coat vigorously onto the floor and yellowish skunk liquid has seeped between the wooden floorboards or into the ceramic joints, we also suggest the use of Uri-Clean. Since this product is alcohol-based and not water-based, it can be safely applied between the wooden floorboards and over the ceramic grout to eliminate the stubborn skunk odour around your house without negatively impacting the wood or tiling.

We also recommend that you clean your floors with D-500. It is a cleaner and odour neutralizer against all stubborn animal odours (including skunk smell) in the air. D-500 can be used on wood, ceramic, linoleum, concrete floors, etc.

To eliminate skunk odour on floors:

  • Dilute 120ml of D-500 in four litres of water.
  • Clean your floors with the diluted product.
  • Let your floors air dry, no need to rinse the product.
  • Enjoy the fresh air now that there is no more unpleasant skunk smells in your house!

Neutralize the odour in the air

To eliminate the skunk smell in the air:

  • Dilute 60ml of D-500 in one litre of water.
  • Spray the diluted solution on a clean cloth
  • Hang the cloth on a fan.
  • Switch on the fan for at least one hour
  • Move the fan to each room that has been affected by the skunk smell.

*Depending on the intensity of the skunk odour in your house, you may need to repeat this treatment several times. This will allow the product to spread throughout the air and thus neutralize the skunk smell in your home.

If you have a ventilation system or an air exchanger:

  • Dilute 60ml of D-500 in one litre of water.
  • Spray the diluted solution on the ventilation filters
  • Switch on your unit.

This will allow the product to travel throughout the room’s air and treat the skunk smell throughout the home.


Thanks to our URI-CLEAN and D-500 products, you can say goodbye to skunk odours in your home in no time at all!

Easy to use, fast and effective, aren’t they?

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