Get rid of the smell of urine from your hamster’s cage in less than 10 minutes

Petit hamster roux

If you keep a small rodent at home, such as a mouse, hamster, or ferret, you have probably already experienced bad odours emanating from its cage. You may be consistently finding yourself wondering why hamster and rodent pee smells so bad, and how you can get rid of the bad odour.

And even though you renew the litter every few days, it is possible that the urine has seeped to the bottom, and impregnated the metal or plastic surface of the cage. Since metal and plastic tend to absorb odours, even if you replace the entire litter, the smell will remain. The reason that the hamster pee smells so bad is less about the urine itself and more about how you tackle the odour.

When this happens, many will think nothing more can be done and decide to replace the cage. However, it actually is possible to eliminate this odour by using SOS Odours products.

Even if the smell has been present for several weeks or months, our product can help you tackle the bad smell of hamster pee in your pet’s cage. Elimin-O-deurs Cage combines two products in one, as it both cleans and neutralizes urine and excrement odours. This product is safe for pets and eliminates the bad smell of your pet’s pee quickly.

Eliminating Bad Odours from the Cage

To eliminate the odours that are emanating from the cage, the first step is to remove its entire contents. Secondly, spray Elimin-O-deurs Cage all over the cage’s bottom surface (including the pan’s sides), and let the product work for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse the pan with clear water and dry using a clean cloth. You are now ready to add fresh new litter and put everything back inside.

While cleaning the cage, if you notice that the bottom surface has lost its protection (glossy effect), shows areas of discoloration or numerous scratch marks, it is then preferable to replace the pan. These characteristics are signs that let you know the cage is no longer leakproof, and may allow the bad smell of hamster pee reach other surfaces in your house.

The SOS Odours Advantage

SOS Odours products represent a simple, fast, and effective method for removing all types of odours, even if the smells have been present for a very long time. Our products are easy to use and provide results from the first application. Moreover, the result is long-lasting: the SOS Odours products neutralize the problem rather than mask the odours temporarily.

We strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to write to us or to give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions! For more information about this product, please click here.


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