Smoke Odours In the House

Have you noticed that even when you aren’t smoking in your home, the unpleasant smell still manages to stick around? Regardless of how many times you’ve cleaned your furniture, countertops, and even the walls, is there still an unpleasant cigarette smell when you walk inside? It’s important to know that smoke odours are the most difficult to eliminate because they seep into the surfaces available in a room so easily and quickly, it’s difficult to clean everything deeply enough to eliminate the problem entirely. Even with countless homemade remedies, the process to get rid of smoke smells can still seem daunting and according to some, might even require drastic measures such as repainting your entire space! To avoid having to resort to extreme methods, SOS Odours has created an array of odour neutralizing products that not only act immediately to eliminate smoke smells, they also leave behind a fresh citrus scent to replace your once unpleasant experience!

If you have had cigarette smoke in your house, it’s important to know that smoke impregnates everything. It gets into fabrics, ventilation systems, plastics, wood, metal, and furniture. We recommend cleaning the entire house as a first step to eliminate any nicotine particles found all over the walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, etc.