Smoke Odours on Clothing or Fabrics

Whether you or someone close to you is a smoker, or you just had a great time at a bonfire, the smell of smoke on clothes is not a fun scent! The smell of smoke on fabrics has a way of sticking around for a long time, and once it’s on your clothes, it’s easy for it to spread onto your hair, into your house, and into your car. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to neutralize the odour. Many air fresheners and deodorizers will cover up the smoke smell for a period of time, but it will still be stuck in your clothes. SOS Odours has developed a product that actually neutralizes the smell directly at its source.

The smell of smoke, cigarettes, and cigars is known for being persistent and stubborn. Luckily, with SMOKERASER, you will be able to get rid of it without concern- regardless of whether the textile is machine washable or not.

If your clothes are machine washable, you may still find that the smoke smell remains even after multiple washes. And, if the smell of smoke has settled on items that you can’t wash- like curtains, couches, or other fabrics, there’s a whole other challenge ahead of you! Luckily, SMOKERASER is the perfect product for any of these odour problems. It will allow you to get rid of the annoying smoke smell quickly and easily. In this article, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about removing the smoke smell from your clothes once and for all.