Smoke Odours in Vehicles

Have you recently been smoking inside your car? Is the smell of smoke starting to linger more and more, even after you’ve treated your car with a deep cleanse? Are air fresheners just not doing the trick anymore? As you may have already gathered, when your car smells like smoke there is not much you can do to make it stop. Nicotine particles have a tendency to seep into surfaces very easily and they are quite stubborn when you want to remove them later on. One of the most difficult things to consider when you’re tackling this issue is how quickly smoke can spread! Since it is so volatile, it can spread throughout a confined space in no time at all, and linger which is what ultimately leads to your car smelling like smoke so quickly. Although there are a plethora of homemade remedies that you can try, not many will garner successful results that will actually last very long!

Cigarette smoke can impregnate the carpets, car seats, the ventilation system, the roof, plastic, seat belts, etc. This is why you need to spray SMOKERASER onto all surfaces. Manufactured in Quebec, SMOKERASER contains an odour neutralizing technology that really works. It is effective, simple to use, and acts upon application.