Rotten Food in Freezers or Refrigerators

How to Neutralize Rotten Food in Freezers or Refrigerators

When you go grocery shopping, more often than not it is customary to stock up on certain foods that you may want to have on hand for dishes that you want to cook throughout the month. It’s cost-effective and makes for an easy cooking experience! But even though our electronics can be reliable on a day-to-day basis, they’re not foolproof! Things like power outages and storms can lead to our appliances lacking the necessary electricity to keep them running at optimum functionality! This means the once frozen perishables can thaw and even rot due to the swift changes in temperature. If you have had rotten food in your fridge or if your freezer has broken down and you did not notice it right away, there is a good chance unpleasant odours have had a chance to cling to the inside of your appliance. Here is what you need to do to remove any lingering rotten food odors!

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