Rodents and Reptiles Urine Smell

How to eliminate the smell of rodent or reptile urine

Are you used to cleaning your rodent or reptile cage with a conventional detergent, but can’t get rid of the odour of urine and feces inside? Do you have rodents or reptiles at home and they have urinated on concrete?

If you have a small rodent as a pet such as a mouse, hamster or ferret at home, you’ve probably experienced an unpleasant smell coming from its cage. Even though you continuously change their litter several times a week, urine may have seeped deeper and reached the metal or plastic surface of the cage. Since metal and plastic are considered odour-absorbing materials, no matter how many times you change the litter box, the urine odour will still be present.

At this point, many people assume that there is nothing more that can be done and the cage should inevitably be replaced. Don’t make that mistake just yet! It is possible to eliminate the unpleasant urine odour with SOS Odours products even if it has been present for several weeks or even months.

For each situation, we have a product that can perfectly adapt to your individual needs. Below you will find two common situations and how you can treat and neutralise urine odours with our products!