Outdoor Garbage Containers

How to Neutralize Odours in Outdoor Garbage Containers

Have you been noticing unpleasant odours coming from the outdoor garbage bins or containers? Have you tried rinsing and even deep cleaning the outdoor garbage containers while still sensing the unpleasant smell is lingering? Although this predicament can be inconvenient, it isn’t completely unexpected! As waste collects, it starts to emit an unpleasant odour that can seep into the bins it’s being housed in. Whether you have plastic or even metal garbage containers outdoors to house your waste, these materials are considered porous and can absorb the smells for weeks, months, and in some cases even years. Being exposed to natural elements also does not help their case! In the summer season, heat can accelerate rotting processes within the waste you are collecting outside, which then increases the odour tenfold and just makes it awful to put up with!

If your outdoor waste bins and recycling containers are giving off unpleasant odors, SOS Odours has the perfect product you’ll need to combat these smells: BAC-500. BAC-500 is an odor neutralizer specially designed for waste odors that come from various containers. It is an effective cleaner for outdoor garbage bins, and it eliminates impregnated odors at the same time. BAC-500 is a ‘ready-to-use’ product which means it does not require any special preparation.