Indoor Garbage Containers

How to Neutralize Garbage Odours in Indoor Containers

Have you been noticing an unpleasant odour that has been lingering in your home even after you’ve taken the garbage out and rinsed the garbage bins? Unfortunately, the waste you produce can often leave behind its stubborn print and no matter how much scrubbing you do with your normal soap and detergents, there’s no getting rid of it to make your garbage bins smell better!

Having spaces inside your home designated towards housing the waste you produce during the week is not only effective, but it’s also handy for your day to day tasks! It saves you the time and effort of continuously having to step out of your home to throw things away in your outdoor garbage can, and is ideal for swift clean up while you’re preparing any meals in your kitchen! As days pass and garbage starts to collect in the same place, unpleasant odours begin to sprout and become increasingly hard to ignore!

If the garbage or compost bin in your house is giving off unpleasant odors and you want to get rid of them immediately, SOS Odours has developed a unique product called BAC-500 to make sure your garbage cans smell better. BAC-500 is an odor neutralizer, specially designed for waste odours from various containers. It is an effective cleaner that can make your residential garbage bins smell better by eliminating impregnated odors at the same time.