Horse Urine Smell

How to get rid of the smell of horse urine

Did you know that when horses urinate in their stable or trailer, their urine can end up being harmful? When their urine is broken down into ammonia it is very harmful to the respiratory health of the horse because it causes the animal to cough due to the deep irritation within their airways. Even though farm owners continuously wash and disinfect their animal stables, they cannot completely eliminate the smell of horse urine, and therefore the smell of ammonia lingers.

Our BARN DEODORIZER, an odour neutralizer for horse urine, is currently the ONLY product that farm owners and veterinarians have found that completely eliminates this harmful ammonia smell! Thanks to this revolutionary product, horses are all-around much healthier! Many veterinarians have evidenced the health benefits that come with eliminating ammonia odours from horse stables.

“I’ve found that the BARN DEODORIZER really does have an impact on the health of our horses. By destroying the ammonia smell present on the concrete in the stables, BARN DEODORIZER plays an important role in reducing inflammation present in their lungs and thus solves the coughing problems horses experience.” Dr. Ève Biron, veterinarian Drummondville.

Barn Deodorizer is a two-in-one product. In addition to cleaning several types of surfaces without damaging them, this product contains an odour neutralizer specifically designed for the smell of horse urine. This product can be applied on wood, linoleum, concrete floors, etc. The product can also be applied in a trailer to eliminate any horse urine odours as well.