Dog urine smell on Carpets

Your dog urinated on a carpet? Whether the carpet is short-pile or shaggy, SOS Odours has developed a product that contains odour-neutralizing technology which completely eliminates the smell of dog pee on a carpet.

URI-CLEAN is an effective, easy to use and safe product for your environment that removes the smell of urine, even if it has been impregnated for weeks, or even months. After cleaning the dog urine left on the carpet’s surface, the smell is not completely neutralized, as this is only the first of two steps. If you have a shag carpet, it is important to apply the product using a syringe and needle, as urine obeys the laws of gravity and may have reached the deepest layer of the carpet (jute). By injecting URI-CLEAN inside your carpet, you will eliminate the smell of dog urine at the source since the product does not just mask the odours as do carpet deodorants or fresheners.

To get rid of the dog urine smell on your carpet, follow the steps below, or just watch the video.