Cat urine smell on a Mattress

Ever since your cat had a little mishap on your bed, your mattress emits a strong smell of cat urine? This is a recurring odour problem for cat owners. SOS Odours has developed an effective odour neutralizer, easy to use and safe that completely eliminates this type of odour.

URI-CLEAN contains an odour-neutralizing technology that effectively removes the smell of cat urine, even if it has been present for a long time. Even after cleaning the cat urine left on the mattress surface, the smell is not completely neutralized, since this is only the first of two steps. As it is alcohol-based, URI-CLEAN does not create an environment conducive to the development of mold, and it dries quickly, unlike water-based enzymatic products. It is not a mattress deodorant product, but an effective odour neutralizer for cat pee smell.

To get rid of a cat urine smell on your mattress, simply follow the steps below, or watch the video.