Cat urine smell on hardwood or floating floor

Does your hardwood, floating or parquet floor emit a strong cat urine odour? We have developed an effective, easy-to-use and safe product for your environment, so that you can eliminate the cat urine smell on your hardwood or floating floor.

Varnished wood floors are not porous materials that can absorb urine. Liquids will actually penetrate between the boards of the floor, where cracks, holes and joints are found. Therefore, the urine will seep between the planks of the floor. Consequently, it is important to apply the URI-CLEAN product on the area where the urine is found, thus directly on the source of the bad odour.

Because this product is alcohol-based, URI-CLEAN is ideal for removing cat pee smell on a hardwood or floating floor as it will not make the wood swell, unlike products composed almost entirely of water, such as enzyme or bacteria based products. Additionally, URI-CLEAN will not create an environment conducive to mold growth. It completely eliminates the odours and does not mask them, contrary to floor deodorants or fresheners.

To get rid of the smell of cat urine from a wood surface in your house, just follow the steps below, or watch the video