Cat urine smell on hardwood or floating floor

Anyone who owns cats knows the struggle of that infamous “cat smell.” No matter how much you clean or how well-behaved your cats are, it can be difficult to keep all the odours under control. One of the worst offenders? Cat urine odour.

Does your hardwood, floating, or parquet floor emit a strong cat urine odour? Although you may love your pets, we’re sure that you don’t love the unpleasant odours they sometimes leave behind. It’s difficult to tackle odours in wood flooring since it may feel as though the smell won’t go away. The key is to use the right products and ensure that you attend to the problem as soon as possible. Allowing it to sit will make the urine odour linger for longer and seep into your floors slowly. It’s crucial to use a product that will neutralize the urine odour rather than just masking it.

By covering up the odour, you make it more noticeable to anyone else who comes into your house! Not to mention, even if your wood floors are sealed, the urine can settle in between the cracks and cause a long-lasting odour if you do not neutralize it. If your cat is continually causing odour problems outside of their litter box, it’s essential to get to the bottom of it.

Luckily, we have developed an effective, easy-to-use, and safe product to solve this problem. Let’s go over the optimal way to use URI-CLEAN and tackle this odour problem.

Here’s what you need to know: