Cat urine smell on a Carpet

Your cat had a little accident on your carpet, and a strong smell of cat pee remains? SOS Odours’ corporate mission is to create efficient, easy to use and safe products for your environment, in order to provide you with appropriate solutions to your odour problems.

URI-CLEAN contains an odour-neutralizing technology that will completely eliminate this unpleasant odour, even if it has been present for a long time. After cleaning the cat urine left on the carpet’s surface, the smell is not completely neutralized as this is only the first of two steps. If your carpet is shaggy, it is important to inject the product using a syringe and needle, as urine obeys the laws of gravity and may have reached the deepest layer of the carpet. Not being a deodorant, but an odour neutralizer, URI-CLEAN eliminates odours at the source and does not mask them.

To get rid of that cat urine smell on the carpet, simply follow the steps below, or watch the video.