Cigarette and Cigar Odour Neutralizer

SmokEraser is an odour neutralizers very effective to eliminate the smell of cigarette, cigar, pipe, farm, etc. This product is used in hotel, motel, banquet hall, restaurant, car, boat, trailer, house, etc. Can be used on metal (cars, home appliances, electronic appliances, etc.)

Advantages :

  • This product does not stain fabrics or metals
  • It leaves a pleasant citrus scent
  • SmokEraser eliminates stubborn odours caused by cigarettes, cigars and moisture in fabrics.
  • Made in Canada

SmokEraser is a very effective odour neutralizer for cigarette odours in vehicles and houses; dog odours in vehicles, carpets and sofas; and damp odours in fabrics.

How to use :

Lightly spray SmokEraser on drapery, clothing, car seats, carpets, sofas, etc.

Note: for leather surfaces, spray SmokEraser onto a clean cloth and apply gently onto the leather. Allow to dry. Test on a small area of the leather before a complete application.


To download the Security Data Sheet, click here : MSDS SmokEraser

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