Dog Odour Neutralizer

SAM neutralizes dog odours in your vehicule, house and fabrics. This product also controls smoke, cigarette and cigar odours.


  • SAM is quick and easy to use
  • Will not stain treated surfaces
  • Also effective against cigarette smoke odours
  • Made in Canada

SAM is a powerful odour neutralizer that eliminates dog odours in carpets, couches, car seat, clothes. This product also eliminates cigarette odours in cars, houses and fabrics.

How to use :

For clothing, fabrics, car seat and carpets : Spray on affected area. Allow to dry.

For leather : We recommend testing on a non visible area first. To treat, spray SAM on a clean cloth and lightly rub the affected area.

For household use: Spray SAM on a clean, dry cloth and place the cloth and place the cloth in front of a fan. Long-lasting about an hour in the room affected by odour. Proper ventilation during use of SAM is important.

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