Bye! Bye!

Odour Neutralizer for Animal Fur

Bye! Bye! is an unique odour neutralizer that eliminate damp odours emanating from the coats of dogs and horses during hot season. By neutralizing damp odours on the animal’s coat, several customers have noticed a decrease of mosquitoes on their animal.


Advantages :

  • Effective upon application
  • No pesticides, no insecticides and paraben-free
  • Ready to use, no dilution needed
  • Made in Canada



Bye! Bye! is a no rinse sprayer made with high-qaulity natural ingredients. It contains a neutralizer that eliminates damp odours on pet fur. Bye! Bye! is safe for animals such as dogs and horses. Bye! Bye! contains no pesticides, insectidices and is paraben-free.


How to use :

This product is ready to use. No dilution needed. Spray on dogs or horses avoiding the animal’s eyes and mouth. Rinsing is not necessary. Repeat application as needed during periods of high humidity.

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