Barn Deodorizer

Floor Cleaner and Ammonia Odour Neutralizer

Barn Deodorizer is an odour neutralizer designed to eliminate horse urine odour in trailers and barns.


  • Barn Deodorizer immediately neutralizes ammonia odours on concrete surfaces upon application
  • Easy to use: spray and leave to work
  • Using Barn Deodorizer to eliminate ammonia odours in stables may help to reduce lung inflammation and coughing in horses
  • Made in Canada

If you suffer from strong horse urine odours in your stable or trailer, and your horses are sensitive to ammonia or cough regularly, Barn Deodorizer can neutralize these odours and contribute to improving your animal’s health.

How to use:

Dilute 4 to 6 ounces of Barn Deodorizer in 4 litres water, then spray on surfaces where urine is found (concrete, shavings, manure or dirt). Leave on. Repeat application as needed.

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