Odor Control for Garbage Containers

BAC-500 effectively cleans and neutralizes odors caused by waste in residential garbage bins, waste disposal containers, recycling and compost bins. BAC-500 cleans and neutralizes odors caused by waste while leaving a pleasant scent.

Advantages :

  • Bac-500 completely neutralizes garbage odours in less than 10 minutes
  • Bac-500 cleans bins and garbage containers and eliminates odours
  • Bac-500 leaves a pleasant scent
  • Made in Canada

BAC-500 neutralizes garbage odours in trash cans, waste disposal containers, and industrial and residential recycling or compost bins. This product contains an odour neutralizer with pleasant aromas. BAC-500 is a ready to use product.

How to use :

Rinse the container or bin with water to remove residue from the bottom of the bin. Because plastic absorbs odours, spray BAC-500 over the entire interior surface of the bin including the cover. Leave the product to take effect, do not rinse. Repeat as necessary during the summer or in hot weather. Do not dilute.

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