My dog was sprayed by a skunk, how can I get rid of that smell?

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A dog or cat that meets with a skunk never turns out well. In addition to being potentially harmful to the animal, the yellow-tinged liquid is corrosive and its foul odor is very hard to remove.

Step 1: Be very cautious about the skunk’s yellow-tinged spray

When an animal is sprayed by a skunk, it often gets very confused and will attempt to remove the smelly liquid as quickly as possible. The liquid expelled by the skunk is actually called thiolcohol, and can cause severe burns if received directly in the eyes[1]. If the skunk spray was received directly on the animal’s mouth or eyes, it can also cause ulcers.

Several sources agree that the skunk’s liquid (also known as n-Butyl mercaptan) can do much more damage than just emit a foul odor:

‘’When an animal is sprayed in or near the face, the spray can cause serious pain and discomfort. Animals are liable to vomit and fall temporarily ill, and if they are sprayed in the eyes, it can burn and even rob them of their sight temporarily. N-butyl mercaptan is ultimately a powerful chemical that does more than simply smell bad.’’[2]

That is why the yellow-tinged liquid must absolutely be removed from the animal’s coat. Alex Trudel, animal health technician at the Clinique vétérinaire de santé animale de l’Estrie, told us that his cat was sprayed by a skunk, and received some of the yellow liquid in its face, which caused swelling in the eyes and increased salivation (drooling). After cleaning the animal, Mr. Trudel noticed that the skin around its nose was very irritated and had lost its pigmentation (it was now pink colored rather than black and reddish-brown). And it was a along while before the animal’s nose returned to normal. It’s important to remember that the yellow-tinged liquid expelled by the skunk clings more strongly to certain fibers such as hair, fur, clothing, etc.[3]. If your pet is sprayed directly in its eyes, nose or mouth, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian to ensure the health of your animal.

Step 2: Treat the animal outdoors

After the yellow liquid is removed, it’s important to treat your pet against this odor before bringing it inside the house. This will prevent you from having to deal with a skunk’s odor throughout your home. There are several home-made recipes available claiming to remove a bad odor from an animal, but none are effective enough to purge the smell completely. To eliminate the smell of skunk quickly and efficiently, we recommend using Magic Odour and Magic Shampoo. These two products, which contain a neutralizer designed specifically for the skunk’s odor, work together to remove this foul smell from an animal.

Start by spraying Magic Odour all over the animal. If your dog’s hair is long, you must ensure the Magic Odour product penetrates deep into the animal’s coat (down to the roots). It is also important to treat the animal’s head, as this is often the first area sprayed. To do this, use a dry cloth, spray it with Magic Odour, and rub the cloth on the animal’s head and neck, taking care to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth. This step is very important in order to achieve positive results. Then let the product stand for five minutes. This part of the treatment actually blocks the smell temporarily, long enough for you to bring your pet inside the house for the final step.

Step 3: Cleaning your pet inside the house

Bring the cat or dog inside the house in order to apply the Magic Shampoo treatment. All it entails is to wet the animal slightly using lukewarm water, and to lather the Magic Shampoo all over its body. To clean the animal’s head, soak a clean cloth with Magic Shampoo and rub it gently all over, avoiding its eyes, nose and mouth. Let the product stand for about twenty minutes, and rinse. Finally, dry your dog or cat with a towel or hair dryer.

Tip: If you had to remove some of the skunk’s yellow liquid from the animal, we recommend leaving the product on this specific area for an additional 10 minutes for best results.


The SOS Odours advantage

SOS Odours solutions offer a simple, fast and effective method for removing all types of odors, even if the smells have been present for a very long time. Indeed, our products are easy to use and provide results from the first application. Moreover, the result is durable: the SOS Odours products neutralize the problem rather than mask the odors temporarily.

We strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to write to us or to give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions! For more information about this product, please visit our website at:





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