My cat pees outside its litter, what can I do?

Chaton dans un bac à litière

Your cat pees outside its litter box? Stop worrying, this problem is rather common and many people have asked us how to eliminate the bad odor, as well as how to stop the cat from urinating outside its litter box. So we decided to contact Daniel Fillion, feline behavior consultant at EduCATor, in order to obtain potential solutions that we could, in turn, offer our customers to help them resolve this type of problem. In addition, if you also have a problem with a smell of animal urine in your home, SOS Odours is available to explain how you can neutralize this unpleasant odor.


Why does my pet pee everywhere except in its litter box?

According to Daniel Fillion, there can be many reasons behind this very common behavior, but two of them come back often: the problem either comes from the animal’s environment or is caused by animal anxiety. The first thing to do is to consult your veterinarian, since this behavior could be related to a health issue. Once this possibility is eliminated, it is important to understand that you should not punish your cat! Chances are that it will not understand why it’s being punished, and this action could actually worsen its anxiety problem, and thus aggravate the unwanted behavior.

If your cat relieves itself outside the litter box, it is important to ask yourself if you have enough litter trays. Indeed, you should always have as many litter boxes as the number of cats, plus one. For example, if you have two cats, you need to have three litter trays, and to ensure they are not all placed in the same room. It is also very important that the litter tray not be set in a busy area of the house, nor in an isolated corner where your cat never goes. Litter tray covers should be avoided as cats want to monitor their surroundings at all times. Moreover, it is not recommended to set the litter tray near your cat’s feeding area.

If your cat has already done some damage, clean the area quickly so it does not have a chance to return to it. You should know that when relieving itself, the cat releases a pheromone that can incite it or another cat to relieve itself on that same spot. We will explain below how and what to use to remove the odor completely. It may also be advisable to set a litter tray on the exact spot where the cat continues to urinate, and to move it away progressively if you do not like this location.

Another reason that may cause a cat to urinate outside of its litter tray is a change in its daily routine. For example, guests in the house, someone is ill, moving to a new home, or even a change of employment can cause stress to the animal and generate this problem behavior.

For more information on feline behavior, visit the EduCATor website at the following address:


How can I remove the smell of urine?

Your best ally to effectively remove the smell of urine, no matter where it is located, is Uri-Clean. This product is an odor neutralizer specifically designed to eliminate the smell of animal urine on any surface, whether on concrete, wood, ceramic, carpet, mattress or sofa. This is a very popular product among pet owners!

There are three ways to use Uri-Clean. The first is to spray the product. This technique is used to neutralize the odor of urine located on a thin carpet or clothing. As this product is alcohol-based, it does not damage treated materials (unlike some products that work with water). To eliminate a bad smell on these surfaces, simply spray the product at a distance of 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm), and let it work. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

The second technique to apply this product is to transfer it inside a bottle that has a spout-like opening (e.g. empty ketchup bottle). This allows for greater precision when applying the product. This technique is recommended to eliminate cat urine smell lodged between the planks of a wooden floor, or directly on the joints of a ceramic floor. In both cases, simply locate the area from which the smell emanates and pour the product using this bottle. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth.
The third and final way to use Uri-Clean is to insert the product into a syringe with needle. This technique is recommended to reach between more tightly set wooden planks, or to inject the product inside a mattress, sofa or very thick carpet, in order to reach the mass of urine. Simply locate the area impregnated with urine and use a string to mark a circle around it, taking care to leave a 4- to 5-inch (10 to 12 cm) gap all around (since the urine could have spread wider inside). Using the syringe with needle, inject 1/5 ounce (5 ml) of product into the mattress or sofa, at 1-inch (2.5 cm) intervals between each injection site. It is important to treat the area from the outside in. Finally, spray the product directly on the treated area. As the urine obeys the laws of gravity, it will always seep further down into the material (especially if the animal urinated several times on the same area). If the initial treatment with Uri-Clean does not work, it is most likely because the product could not reach all the urine. That is the reason why a second treatment may be required.


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