Moving tips: how to eliminate three of the most common bad odors

Moving is often stressful. You have to plan everything: boxing, address change, finding and booking a moving van, etc. It’s even more stressful when you arrive in your new home and realize bad odors were left behind. If this scenario is your reality, know that there is a simple, fast and effective means to eliminate all the bad smells.

Here are three odor problems quite common faced by new occupants: cat, dog or ferret urine, cigarette, and cooking (fish, spices, etc.). SOS Odors has developed solutions adapted to each type of odor to eliminate. Why use the SOS Odors products? Each product contains an odor neutralizer specific to the type of malodor to be eliminated. Instead of just masking the smell, the SOS Odours technology creates a molecular bond with the bad odor particles, and it is this transformation that completely eliminates the foul smell.

Neutralizing the smell of animal urine (cat, dog, ferret)

1st step: Finding the source

If the former occupants were pet owners, it is possible that a urine odor is present in one or more rooms. The first step upon detecting this type of odor is to determine the source from where it emanates. Does it come from a wooden, concrete, ceramic or carpeted floor? Once the type of surface is identified, locate the exact spot where there was urine, and apply the Uri-Clean treatment. Since this odor neutralizing product is alcohol-based, it will not damage the materials.

2nd step: Apply Uri-Clean on the surface to be treated

If the odor comes from a wooden floor, the product must be infiltrated between the boards, because that is where the urine seeped through. We recommend using a bottle with spout for a more precise application. Follow the plank line, and if the smell originates from a skirting board at the base of a wall, don’t forget to insert the product between the board and the wall. Afterwards, wipe the excess product from the surface of the boards with a clean cloth. You can use the same technique for ceramic floors, by applying the product on the tile grout. It is important to note that the tiles themselves do not absorb urine.

If the smell of urine comes from a concrete floor or a short-pile carpet, simply spray the product on the affected area, from a distance of about 2 to 4 in. (5 to 10 cm). As urine obeys the laws of gravity, it may have seeped further down into the concrete or carpet. In this case, a second application of the product may be necessary in order to reach the urine that has seeped deeper into the material. When using Uri-Clean, it is important to ventilate the rooms; since the product is made with alcohol, it evaporates quickly in the ambient air.

Removing cigarette smoke odors

If the former occupants were smokers, the smell may still be present in the apartment. It is important to understand that cigarette or cigar smoke infiltrates everything: ventilation system, between walls, fabrics, carpets, plastic, etc. The solution developed for this type of odor problem lies with two products: D-125 and SmokEraser. Both contain neutralizers designed specifically to neutralize cigarette or cigar smoke odors.

1st step: Cleaning

Start by cleaning the walls, floors and ceilings with the D-125 product. Just follow the dilution guide shown on the label, and let the product dry. D-125 is a two-in-one product. It contains a powerful cleanser as well as a specific neutralizer for smoke odors. This step is essential because the nicotine molecule which has impregnated the surfaces must be removed thoroughly. If you are planning to paint, it is also important to clean the area beforehand. Thus, you will avoid sealing in the smoke odor under the new coat of paint.

2nd step: Neutralizing the smell in enclosed spaces

After cleaning, we recommend spraying the D-125 diluted product on the filters of your ventilation system (turn-on the system for at least one hour). Vaporize SmokEraser on the carpets, curtains or other fabrics that smell of cigarette smoke, and to let the product work. If you do not have a ventilation system or air exchanger, you can spray the SmokEraser product on a clean cloth and hang it on a portable fan. Then turn on the appliance for one hour in each room where the smell is present. You will need to repeat this treatment for a few days to allow the odor neutralizer to reach all the bad odor molecules found in the ambient air and ventilation ducts.

Removing the smell of cooked foods

The former occupants cooked a lot of fish, seafood or with strong spices, and the smell remains even after a good cleaning? It is important to know that cooking odors are very volatile, and thus are also found in the ventilation system, fabrics, carpets, plastic, between walls, etc. The solution we developed for this type of odor problem lies with two products: Dual-100 and SmokEraser. Both contain neutralizers designed specifically to eliminate food or cooking odors.

1st step: Cleaning the affected areas

The cooking smell is probably stronger in the kitchen. To eliminate this odor, dilute 4 oz (120 ml) of Dual-100 in 1 gallon (4 liters) of warm water. The Dual-100 product is a degreaser that contains a neutralizer effective against food and fat odors. Clean the wall or tile around the stove, and the stove itself (if still present). Subsequently, using the same diluted solution, clean the floors, walls and the kitchen counters. Note that you can also use Dual-100 to remove grease stains from clothing, carpets, bedding, and work clothes.

2nd step: Cleaning hood filters

Once the first step is completed, remove the hood filters and clean them using the diluted Dual-100 solution. Make sure to let the hood filters soak in the solution for one hour, so that the product can penetrate every fiber. Then, rinse and let dry. Replace the filters.

3rd step: Eliminating ambient odors

After applying the Dual-100 treatment, if a faint odor remains, you can use the SmokEraser product. This is an alcohol-based neutralizer that effectively eliminates all food odors. Simply spray the product on a clean cloth, hang it on a portable fan, and run the appliance for one hour in each room where the smell is present. The objective is to reach the source of the ambient food smell throughout the apartment and the inaccessible areas.

The SOS Odours advantage

SOS Odours solutions offer a simple, fast and effective method for removing all types of odors, even if the smells have been present for a very long time. Indeed, our products are easy to use and provide results from the first application. Moreover, the result is durable: the SOS Odours products neutralize the problem rather than mask the odors temporarily.

We strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to write to us or to give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions! For more information about this product, please visit our website at:


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