How to get rid of cigarette odors from an apartment.

probleme odeur cigarette

Throughout October, we will publish a series of four articles to help owners of residential properties get rid of bad odors. This week, we address the tricky issue of eliminating the smell of cigarette from an apartment. If you are struggling with this problem, it can be quite difficult to remove this bad odor. The difficulty in eliminating it comes from the cumulative number of years where there were people smoking inside the apartment, and the potency of the smoke itself. Were the former tenants heavy smokers? Did they smoke indoors or outdoors? These answers will help you assess the seriousness of the problem. To counter this problem, some people believe that repainting the walls, removing the carpet, or washing the entire apartment with bleach will remove the odor. Very often, these measures do not resolve the issue and are quite expensive. Before spending hundreds of dollars, consider contacting SOS Odours.

When faced with an odor problem, the first thing to do is to find its source. Although the odor is usually present in the air, there is always a very precise source from which the smell originates. To find the source, you can ask yourself these two questions: “What is the smell I detected?” and “From what part of the room could this odor come from?”

In the case of cigarettes, the nicotine particles will often get lodged in the various fabrics (carpets, curtains, etc.), as well as on the walls, ceiling, floor, kitchen-cabinets, etc. The smell may even be impregnated into the ventilation system and the furniture. Therefore, the entire room where the odor is found must be treated, and very often, the entire apartment as well.

Firstly, it is important to clean the rooms from which the odor emanates with an all-purpose cleaner that contains a smoke odor neutralizer, such as the D-125. This cleaner contains an effective odor neutralizer that leaves a fresh scent for several days. This product does not damage the materials and does not stain. You can also use this cleaner on your furniture.

Secondly, spray Smokeraser on the carpets, curtains or any other fabric and let the product work. Smokeraser is a cigarette odor neutralizer.

Thirdly, to neutralize the smell of smoke in the air, you can Smokeraser on a clean rag, hang this piece of cloth over a fan grid, and let it run for an hour inside the room. Repeat this technique in every room of the apartment.

If the former tenants were heavy smokers, or if they occupied the apartment for several years, you may have to repeat these steps a few times. Since the nicotine molecule infiltrated itself between the walls, several treatments will be required for the Smokeraser product to completely eliminate the smell.

Next week, we will cover odor problems caused by the garbage chute. This odor problem may seem impossible to deal with, but we have the solution for you!
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