How to eliminate the perspiration odor from your sports equipment?


Hockey camp season is back, and you realize that a strong perspiration odor has impregnated the hockey bag or sports equipment you had stored away. Your child is a running athlete, plays soccer, football or basketball and his shoes smell awful? To completely eliminate the sweat odor from any sports equipment, consider Sports Odour.

This water-based product contains an odor neutralizer that permanently removes perspiration odors. It is simple to use and works equally well on wet or dry equipment. This product can also be used in winter boots, mittens, work boots, etc. Your equipment will release a smell of freshness and cleanliness.


To eliminnate the perspiration odor from a sports bag

To effectively remove the smell of sweat from a sports bag or sports equipment, simply spray Sports Odour inside the bag or all over the equipment, and let the product work. Unlike a deodorant which only masks odors temporarily, Sports Odour completely eliminates the bad smell and leaves a fresh scent on the equipment.


To eliminate the odor from a pair of shoes

Whether for running shoes, winter boots or every day shoes, Sports Odour eliminates the smell of sweat for every type of footwear. You no longer need to try to clean your shoes in the washing machine. With just a few sprays, the perspiration odor is completely gone.

For maximum efficiency, spray Sports Odour inside the shoes (dry or wet) at the end of each workout, and let it work.
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Sports Odour

Sports Equipment Odour Neutralizer

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