How to eliminate the ammonia smell from my litter tray?

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Do you have cats at home? Does their litter box give off a bad smell of ammonia? You have tried cleaning the plastic tray, but the bad smell remains? Before throwing away the tray, consider applying an odor treatment with Elimin-O-dours for the litter box! These products are safe for animals and effectively remove the urine smell encrusted in the plastic.


Eliminate urine odors from the litter tray

To effectively neutralize the smell of ammonia impregnated into the pores of your kitty’s litter box, simply empty the tray and spray Elimin-O-dours all over the inside. Then let the product work for 10 minutes so that it can infiltrate the plastic’s pores and eliminate the residing odors. Finally, rinse with clear water, dry and add new litter. As some cats are very sensitive to a dirty litter box, it is advisable to completely empty the tray and to clean it every 1 to 2 weeks.

Once the cleaning is completed, you can spray the product on the litter itself to neutralize the urine smell (between cleanings). However, we recommend testing with a spray of the product in front of the litter box to ensure the cat is not bothered by it. Furthermore, to prevent the urine from permeating the plastic, it is advisable to fill with a litter layer of 2 to 2.5 inches (5 to 7 cm) thick. Thus, the cat can scratch without reaching the bottom of the tray, which would allow the urine to settle on the plastic. This litter layer will also prevent your pet from scratching directly on the bottom of the tray with its claws.

Did you know that the lifespan for a litter box is one to two years? However, it is advisable to change the tray in case of premature wear. To extend your litter tray’s lifespan, it is recommended to avoid cleaning it with household products. This could severely damage the bin and make it less impermeable. ( (In French only)


If you want to change your litter box, here are some helpful tips :

  • The litter must be large enough (should be large enough to accommodate the equivalent of 3 cats at the same time).
  • Covered litters are often less favored by our feline friends, since they can not survey their surroundings. Without the cover, the cat feels more secure.
  • A cat is a creature of habit, so changing the location of its litter could be disturbing, and it may not want to use it anymore.

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