Get rid of perspiration odors from sports bags or footwear


Your child plays hockey, football or soccer and his sporting equipment and shoes smell really bad? You are a committed runner, thus your shoes are impregnated by a transpiration odor? You work in the construction field, and your work boots smell of sweat? To eliminate this odor, SOS Odours has developed a specific product to neutralize the smell of sweat: Sports Odour.

This product is a powerful odor neutralizer that effectively eliminates odors from sports equipment, gym bags, running shoes, skates or work boots. Unlike a deodourant which only masks odors temporarily, Sports Odour quickly eliminates the bad smell directly at the source, and leaves a fresh scent on the equipment.


Neutralize the smell of sweat found in gym bags or on sports equipment

To effectively remove the smell of sweat from a gym bag or sporting equipment, simply spray Sports Odour inside the bag, gloves, skates or anywhere on the equipment, and let it work. The product must be sprayed on every surface inside the skates and gloves, making sure to reach the extremities.

Following the very first application of the product, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment since the solution may not have reached all the fibers of the fabric affected by the perspiration odor. For a better control of odors, spray Sports Odour on each piece of equipment (wet or dry) after each workout, and let it work.


Neutralize the smell of sweat in a pair of shoes or work boots

Whether for running shoes, work boots, winter boots or everyday shoes, Sports Odour quickly eliminates the smell of sweat in all kinds of footwear. It may be difficult, or even impossible, to wash the shoes in a machine in order to remove the odor. However, with a few sprays of Sports Odour, the smell of sweat will have completely disappeared.
At the end of each workout or of each day, spray Sports Odour inside the shoes or boots (either wet or dry), and let it work.
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