Cat/dog pee smell on a wooden floor… how can you eliminate it?

Your dog urinated on your wooden floor, and a bad odor remains? Your cat urinated on your floating wooden floor several months ago, but the smell is still present? How to eliminate the smell from cat or dog urine from a wooden floor? To remove the smell of animal urine, you can trust our Uri-Clean product. What will you gain? Efficiency and speed. The moment Uri-Clean comes in contact with the source of the smell, it neutralizes it instantly. Over the past fifteen years, many customers have shared with us that Uri-Clean had saved their wooden floor. Uri-Clean is the only product recommended to be inserted between the planks of a wooden floor, as it contains no water and therefore, will not make the wood well.


Tip to remove the smell of urine from a wooden floor

It’s important to know that the smell is not absorbed by the varnished or floating-floor boards themselves. Indeed, the urine seeps between the wooden planks, into the cracks, and actually lays underneath the boards. Therefore, Uri-Clean must penetrate between the boards, where the smell of urine originates. That is why it’s important to use an alcohol-based product, since a water-based product (containing enzymes and bacteria) can damage the surfaces and make the planks swell. Because Uri-Clean is alcohol-based, there is no risk of swelling the wood.


How to neutralize the smell of animal urine on a wooden floor?

First, as mentioned above, you need to insert Uri-Clean between the boards using a bottle with spout. Determine the area from which the smell of urine originates, and apply Uri-Clean by infiltrating the product between each board. If the odor comes from a skirting board at the base of a wall, don’t hesitate to insert the product between the board and the wall (where the gap is).

Next, use a clean cloth to wipe away the excess liquid from the surface of the wooden floor. The last step is to air the room. If, after this treatment, you still detect a bad odor, you may have to repeat it, because the product will not have reached all the surfaces where the urine has seeped. Simply repeat the above steps using the product only where an odor can still be detected.

The SOS Odours advantage

SOS Odours products represent a simple, fast and effective method for removing all types of odors, even if the smells have been present for a very long time. Indeed, our products are easy to use and provide results from the first application. Moreover, the result is durable: the SOS Odours products neutralize the problem rather than mask the odors temporarily.

We strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to write to us or to give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions! For more information about this product, please visit our website at:



Urine Odour Neutralizer

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