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Some of your customers come to you because they want to get rid of bad smells in their car? They want your help to remove animal or human urine, vomit, animal, humidity and cigarette smells? You want to provide quality service to your customers bu giving them a clean and odor-free automobile?

Relying on over 30 years of expertise, SOS Odours offers a full range of products to neutralize any type of odor that you may encounter:


SOS Odours product’s benefits:

Effectiveness: through our innovative odor neutralizing technology, our products start working upon application on the source of the bad odor and eliminate it completely. Our products are not air fresheners, which can only mask the odors.

Simplicity: relying on over 30 years of expertise, SOS Odours has developed simpler methods that really work.

Quick action: as soon as the odor neutralizer reaches the bad smell molecule, it removes the bad odor, even if it has been present for several months or years. No need for repeat applications before obtaining results.

Training available

We have the products and expertise to help you ensure the full satisfaction of your customers. In addition, we have the expertise to help you resolve major odor problems.
We also offer training on neutralizing odors in vehicles based on dry air technology. Thanks to our renowned expertise and quality products, you can eliminate all types of odors. To learn more about our training, please contact us by email at or by phone at 1 844 612-2121.


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